Desk organizer Pens white.


– 32 x 10 x 7 cm
– Gemaakt van bamboe
– 100% duurzaam
– Hoge kwaliteit
– Perfect voor al je pennen en potloden, smartphone, notitieblok, rommeltjes, etc.

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

You know we’re all about making your desk the happiest place on earth. That’s why we bring you our Desk organizers! The perfect place to store all this fun and colorful stationery in one spot. Besides they are a real eye catcher on your desk, they are made from high quality bamboo which means they are 100% sustainable. And it keeps getting better! The Desk organizer Pens is made to store 24 of your favorite pens so they’re always within reach. The big compartment is designed to store even the biggest smartphones and A6 noteblocks or cards. And the small compartment is perfect for small clutter like binderclips, usb sticks, pins, etc.

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